Terms and Conditions

All bookings are subject to our terms and conditions.

Failure to read and understand them does not absolve our right to enforce them.

Booking a Car

  • The person making the booking is considered to be the hirer and accepts all responsibility for the actions of the party members.
  • Only the number of passenger, for which the vehicle has been licensed for, will be carried.
  • Once you have decided on which car/cars are required and the time and date are finalized, a quotation will be issued from Classic Limousines. A $50.00 per vehicle deposit then becomes due. The booking will not be confirmed until the deposit is received. Should another enquiry come along for the same vehicle and time a reminder will be sent via e-mail or phone giving you the option to confirm or cancel the potential booking.
  • The balance due is to be paid no later than twenty four hours before the scheduled booking.
  • Classic Limousines Hawkes Bay Ltd reserve the right to recover all and any legal costs incurred in the process of any debt recovery in breach of these terms and conditions.


  • Cancellation may be made at any time up to seven days before the date of hire at which time a full refund of all monies paid will be made. Cancellation within the seven days prier to the date of hire incur the forfeiture of all deposit monies and a refund of any final payments that had been made.

Over Time

  • The hirer expressly agrees to pay immediately, or make arrangements to pay for any extended time periods over the initial requested time, charged in fifteen minute intervals based on the hourly rate already quoted at the time of booking. Over time is not always available so consider carefully how long you want the vehicle for. Should your car not be able to accommodate extended time the driver will advise and shall depart at the time required to for full any other commitments that may be in place.


  • The hirer shall be responsible for the conduct of all and any passengers in their party during the hire period. We reserve the right to terminate a hire for unruly and or abusive behavior, thus forfeiting all and any deposits and fees paid.
  • All our vehicles are NON SMOKING and Drug free. Possession or consumption of illegal drugs and smoking are not permitted. Violation will result in the immediate termination of the hire with forfeiture of all deposits and fees paid.
  • No alcohol is permitted for anyone under the age of 18 years. Red wine is also prohibited.
  • Difficult stains caused by spillage or sickness during the hire period become the sole responsibility of the hirer. Any additional cleaning cost will be on charged to the hirer. * Damage to our vehicles interior or exterior and any accessories, caused by the hirer or any member of their party will be on charged to the hirer at the cost required to rectify such an incidences.
  • Classic Limousines operates a fleet of desirable classic cars which we maintain to the best of our ability. Due to the age of some of these cars it may be possible to sustain a mechanical malfunction, or accident which may prevent the hire from being completed. In these instances where possible a similar replacement vehicle may be supplied or a substitute vehicle to complete the hire. In the event of being unable to complete the hire a prorater refund of all deposits and fees paid will apply. No further compensation or liability for consequential loss will be accepted by Classic Limousines.
  • We accept no responsibility for any interruptions caused by events beyond our control during the hire period, such as road/traffic conditions, delays or incidents. All attempts will be made to comply with the agreed time frames.
  • Any personal effects left in our vehicles during the hire period are the sole responsibility of the hirer.
  • Where seat belts are fitted it shall be the responsibility of the hirer and party to ensure there use.